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DB2 Forum 2018 Third Quarter Meeting

Thursday, July 19, 2018
08:30 - 11:30 p.m.

Meeting Location:
CA Technologies
5465 Legacy Drive Suite 700
(meeting room is on ground floor MPR 120)
Plano, TX 75024

CA is located about a mile east of the Dallas North Tollway on the north side of Legacy.

Meeting Cost: $10 for non-members, free to members. Membership is $25 per year per person --or-- $100 for 5 people in a company --or-- $350 for unlimited people in a company. You can register at the meeting.

This meeting is sponsored by CA Technologies.

First Speaker
Steen Rasmussen - CA

Presentation Overview
Proactive Performance Management Using Analytics
Understanding "the normal behavior" of the DB2 applications (static as well as dynamic SQL) can be a challenge, but using existing performance metrics and baseline these could put you in a situation where you can take actions before the SLAs are violated and even save you a lot of headaches in the "war room" finger pointing.

  1. Is the Green Highway really Green and what is it?
  2. Why baselining?
  3. Static versus dynamic baselines pros and cons.
  4. Moving average and Electric Rules – what’s happening with Db2
  5. Avoiding War Room meetings and finger pointing

Speaker Biography

Steen Rasmussen is a Principal Engineering Services Architect currently instrumental in the ongoing development and support of the CA Technologies Db2 solutions. In 1985 Steen started as an IMS/Db2 DBA at a major insurance company in Denmark working with all aspects of Db2 - like tuning, application design and implementation, education of developers, backup and recovery planning and automation of housekeeping processes. During this job, Steen also served as a member of the planning committee for Db2 GUIDE SHARE Nordic Region. In 1995 Steen became a technical manager at PLATINUM Technology managing technical support and presales for the Db2 products.

Steen has been working with Db2 for z/OS Release 1.0 since 1985 and is always looking for new opportunities in the CA Db2 solutions which can help customers manage Db2 more efficiently. Besides from providing support to the teams in the field as well as internal groups at CA technologies working with Db2, Steen is also a frequent speaker at IDUG in North America, EMEA and Australia as well as local Db2 User Groups around the world. Since 2014 Steen has been an IBM Information Management Champion. Since 2013 Steen has been the CA liaison for IDUG NA.

Second Speaker
Steen Rasmussen - CA

Presentation Overview
The Db2 12 catalog – what happened since Db2 11

The Db2 catalog has changed a little between every release since Db2 was introduced more than 30 years ago. There are many ways to learn about a new Db2 version, but using the catalog is probably the fastest and most enlightening. Once you look at the revision track in the Db2 Catalog and Directory section of the SQL Reference Guide, study the column changes, additions as well as new catalog tables, you have a very good overview of everything worth to know about that specific Db2 version We will do a detailed comparison between the Db2 11 and Db2 12 catalog tables, illustrating the changes so everyone working with the catalog understand the details and where to find the information.
  • Dropped catalog objects.
  • New catalog objects.
  • Old Db2 features added to the catalog.
  • Modified catalog tablespaces, catalog tables, columns, indexes, relationships.
  • New Db2 12 features reflected in the catalog.

Speaker Biography

See above.

Third Speaker

Presentation Overview

Speaker Biography